Blackacre Wedding Review | A Bride’s Perspective


bride groom in field at sunset

Why did you choose Blackacre as your wedding venue?
We selected Blackacre because we felt it was a place that was representative of us and who we are.  We both enjoy nature and the outdoors and we knew we wanted a place less traditional.

What characteristics attracted you to this farm wedding venue?
We fell in love with Blackacre because of the simplicity, the animals, and the hands-on feel of a working farm.

How would you describe yourself as a bride?
We are both fairly relaxed and practical people. I love DIY crafty projects. We handcrafted our wedding invitations, wedding programs, and  made hand-dipped, caramel apples for each guest and placed them at their assigned seats.  We really wanted the beauty of the venue to speak for itself and centered our personal touches around that.

table decorations blackacre wedding reception

What kind of bride and groom do you think is a good fit for this particular venue?
I would suggest this venue for people that aren’t afraid of a little dirt, even on their wedding day.

How much decorating did you need to do vs. what Blackacre provided for you?
Blackacre provided us with the beautiful setting. It was up to us to craft the feel of the our special day. We were married in the fall so we had beautiful floral arrangements with oranges and corals. We wanted our decorations to blend in with the environment.

ring bearer inside blackacre barn

You planned for an outdoor ceremony.  How did the weather affect your plans?
Well someone once told me “always have a rain plan.” It was a good thing we did because it rained at the time of the ceremony but it was no problem because we were prepared. We were going to get married outside, with everyone sitting on quilted hay bales by the barn but nature had another plan. The wedding turned out so much more unique because of the rain.  We moved the wedding into the barn, set up chairs, and had a hay aisle. There was a horse in the barn that stuck its head out as though it was participating in the ceremony.  As we said our vows, the clouds broke, the rain stopped, and the sun came out. The bottom line is if you’re prepared, everything runs smoothly.

umbrella in rain

guest arriving for wedding inside blackacre barn

First kiss in blackacre barn

Did you have to arrange catering, chairs, lighting, and tented reception equipment?
Our caterer, Wiltshire Pantry, helped with arranging vendors for us. This took a great deal of pressure off of us. We did not have a formal wedding planner so for the caterer to step up and take that load off our shoulders was wonderful.

sunset skies

Will Blackacre allow any caterer to work on site or do they only work with select wedding vendors?
They gave us a list of vendors that are familiar with their venue but we weren’t required to use them.  It was just a helpful list to get us started. This really appealed to us as we wanted to make our wedding work for us

Reflecting back on your wedding day, do you have any advice for bride’s who are currently in the planning process?
First and foremost, breathe. While this is undoubtedly a big and exciting day, it’s just ONE day. It will go by SO quickly. Try not to get hung up on tiny details. Remember what this is all about- that at the end of the day you are married! Take it all in and have fun.

What was so amazing about having Eric as our wedding photographer was how he was able to capture what we didn’t get to experience. He captured the expressions, emotions, and reactions of the people around us and helped us preserve those special, fleeting moments.

bride groom with their dog