Rockin 21c wedding

Meet Catharine’s (the bride) brother-in-law.

It’s hard not to notice the furious, electrocuted hair style of metal rockstar Wayne Static of Static-X.  The man has some serious hair drying skills.  And an obvious aptitude for branding.  His tempestuous voice and personal image are memorable indeed.  Click on the picture below to view his live concert video.

Static X | Push it

For some reason, having the lead singer of a heavy metal band as your brother-in-law just doesn’t seem fair.  I mean, who can outperform a guy who commands crowds of thousands into a cult-like, musical frenzy?

Click here to see Catharine and Brandon’s rooftop wedding at 21c and their engagement photos at the 21c museum.

Rock on, people!

21c wedding wayne static static XWedding at 21c hotel in Louisville ky

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