21C Museum Hotel engagement photography | Catharine and Brandon | Louisville, ky

Catharine & Brandon wanted something modern and different for their engagement portrait session.  Their wedding will be held on the rooftop of the 21c Museum Hotel this Spring after getting ready in the hotel’s super chic, penthouse suite.  So we decided to do a warm-up session on location.

In case you were unaware, did you know that the 21c was selected as the #1 hotel in the United States and #6 in the world in the prestigious 2009 Conde Nast Traveler‘s Readers’ Choice Awards?  Yep, the #1 hotel in the U.S. resides in little ole LOUISVILLE Kentucky.  Represent!

So in keeping with the eclectic, racy weirdness that is the 21c museum, we did our best to keep Louisville weird.

Brandon did unspeakable things with a big, red, plastic penguin (the 21c signature mascot).  Those stories will go with us to the grave.

Catharine got a personal tour of the men’s restroom.  Which is one of the highlights of the museum.  At least for the men.  The artistic urinal is a one-way mirror/ water fountain wall so you can stand and do your business while watching people primp their hair in your one-way mirror.

I had a group of four people step over me in the hallway while I was laying prostrate on the ground taking the top/middle picture.  You can see dude stepping over me in the middle of the projection screen.  The strange thing is that it all seemed so normal.  Like “Hey there’s a big, 220 lb guy laying across the hallway floor taking pictures.  Let’s step over him.”  Must be the artistic environment where anything goes.

Looking forward to your wedding day, C & B!

Edited to add: Check out Catharine & Brandon’s 21c wedding photos.

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